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Building Better Inter-Cultural Understanding

Inter-Cultural competency is not something that comes naturally to everyone. The relationship enhancing community outreach training at Renaissance Management and Training Solutions, LLP strives to make the most from every session by providing a unique perspective on in-depth material.

Training Course Descriptions

Renaissance Management and Training Solutions, LLP is an indispensable resource for teaching inter-cultural sensitivity and management training in the workplace. Contact our staff development team in Kansas City, Kansas, to request any of our sensitivity training programs below.

Inter-Cultural Competency & Proficiency
Four Hours

This is a complete training program for managers, supervisors, and administrators to develop awareness and competence. Specific instruction is given in how to enhance inter-cultural, gender, and racial competence while reducing conflicts in the workplace and solidifying relationships with staff, employees, consumers, and business associates.

Human Resources
Three Hours

Our human resources training is a full program that is applicable to most situations in business, education, law enforcement, nonprofit, and faith-based environments. It covers general employee relations, including sex discrimination/harassment issues and viable employee grievance resolution processes. Other human relations training topics may include curriculum development, assessment, and development.

Returning Citizens Re-Integration
Three Hours per Module

Returning Citizens Re-Integration is an experience-based presentation to address the unique needs of citizens returning to the workforce after incarceration. It includes language skills, and covers inter-cultural, gender, and/or racial biases. Module A is geared towards the employee, focusing on integration in society and conflict resolution. Module B bridges gaps in communication between employers and employees, including staff management and community stakeholders.

Engaging Minority Group Communities
Two Hours

Outreach is an integral part of creating lasting, trusted relationships, and in this program, you learn how to establish and maintain goodwill towards minority communities in your area. This training is pertinent to law enforcement, education, faith-based operations, and businesses.

Law Enforcement Community Relations
Three Hours

This is a uniquely focused training program to address implicit bias resolution, fostering rapport and trust between law enforcement and minority community members. Customization in this police community relations training related to specific departmental issues is available.

Building Rapport & Trust in the Educational Community
Three Hours

This training addresses the management of implicit bias to establish harmonious pupil-educator relationships, as well as educator-parent rapport. Modules can be customized to address specific inter-cultural, gender, or racial issues relative to each setting.

Renaissance Solutions, LLP, seeks to contribute to inter-cultural, gender and racial improvement in human relationships through enhanced awareness in the economic, political and social spheres within American society.