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The cultural proficiency enrichment program encourages and supports participants to reach out to connect with people groups outside your culture. The three cultural components are to increase cultural awareness, favorable cultural attitudes and inclusive cultural behavioral actions to achieve the enrichment of cultural proficiency.  Cultural awareness is the compassionate study, sensitivity and curiosity with other people groups for a deeper understanding and connection with them.  A favorable cultural attitude is a viewpoint that motivates connecting with other people groups based on differing degrees of fairness, value and respect held for them.  Cultural behavioral action is the on-going enrichment of cultural proficiency through the practice of the studying, pursuing, and improving of relationships with people outside your culture.

The purpose of the Community Partners:  Success Strategies for Supporting Returning Citizens training is to provide communities knowledge with how they can positively support those who are released from prison and returning to their communities.  The goal would be to provide the necessary support to overcome barriers that exist for returning citizens so they can become productive members of society.  Through the classroom training, guided by individual manuals for attendees, the topics will cover the following material:


  • Facts to know about incarceration and recidivism
  • Understanding barriers that exist for re-entry
  • Addressing four key needs for returning citizens
  • Research-based success factors
  • Specific strategies communities and employers can do


As groups in the community work together, they can provide support returning citizens need to overcome barriers.  This Community Partner curriculum provides each participant with your own research-based training manual.  There are practical tools learned in the training that could be applied in your own home town or places of employment.  As a result, these new members can achieve positive self-sufficiency skills and become long-term successful community members.  We look forward to discussing how Renaissance Solutions can bring these innovative ideas to your community and begin this positive change for returning citizens.

The purpose of the Returning Citizen: Pathways for Re-entry training is to equip those individuals being released from prison with the tools necessary for success in society.  With 67% of those released ending up reoffending which lands over half back into prison within three years, something has to be done.  After warehousing 6.8 million individuals in our prison system, many are dumped out onto society with little skills or knowledge with how to survive.


Through this training, returning citizens can learn key success strategies they can learn to aid in their initial stage of reintegration.  The topics discussed in each of their training manuals are:


  • Barriers that exist for those returning to society
  • Describe supports available to conquer those barriers
  • Describe employment options available
  • Frank interactive exercises designed to alert the participants to the most common pitfalls they will encounter during re-entry


By providing this comprehensive support training, returning citizens can learn the skills necessary to become self-sufficient and successful members of society.  We look forward to discussing with you how Renaissance Solutions can bring these innovative ideas to those you know who are getting ready to be released.

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Renaissance Solutions, LLP, seeks to contribute to cultural, gender and racial improvement in human relationships through enhanced awareness in the economic, political and social spheres within American society.

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