Human Relations

 Myriad of services developed to enhance human relationships within the workplace

A common-sense approach to improving

Human Relationships


Enhancement of cultural, gender and racial competence to reduce conflicts in the workplace



Of organization's strengths and weaknesses for establishment of specific training and staff development



Can be conducted on-site or off-site for the convenience of the organization



Orientation and training will be tailored to specific organizational needs


Much of traditional diversity and human relations training has focused on economic, political and social disparities between those perceived as "victims" and those perceived as "privileged", respectively, from a zero-sum perspective.  At Renaissance Management and Training Solutions, LLP, we take a "common-sense" approach to the staff development and training of managers and supervisors.  We acknowledge the contributions of all segments of society as well as the vast potential through future human collaborations.

Training Support

Training focused on curriculum assessment & development, human relationships, human resources and mentoring

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Human Relations & Human Resources Consulting

Corporate Human relations and Support

Organizational Leadership Development

Planning and Public Events Speaking

Conducts staff development assessments and tailors specific training for organizations

Leadership Training and Mentorship

Cultural Enrichment

Community Partners: supporting Returning Citizens

Returning Citizens: pathways for Re-Entry

Alleviate or reduce of cultural, gender and racial conflict to improve productivity

Communities working together to provide positive interface between returning citizens and community stakeholders

Orientation & training to alleviate or diminish barriers to successful outcomes

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Renaissance Solutions, LLP, seeks to contribute to cultural, gender and racial improvement in human relationships through enhanced awareness in the economic, political and social spheres within American society.

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